What does your Face say about you?

In Chinese Medicine, when illness arises in our body, our whole body is treated and not just the signs and symptoms.

Our faces are an extension of our body, so when we read faces, Tradition Chinese Medicine believes that the face can tell a lot about a person’s health, past and future life experiences.

Face reading is used to evaluate a person’s overall health, it can help determine when a person may be likely to fall ill or any pre-dispositions towards a particular type of illness such as increased risk of heart attacks or stomach related problems.

The skin is also one of the largest organs in our bodies, so when it starts acting up, this is an indication of something going on inside the body that is out of balance that we may be unaware of and this can show up on our face as well.

Chinese medicine have mapped out that each part of our face indicates what is going on with certain organs inside our body, and when imbalances occur in those areas such as the forehead or cheeks, this is a sign that we need to address those issues associated with that organ or imbalance.

Therefore when we notice rashes, pimples, pigmentation and redness we should look at what is going on internally within our body.