About Our Exercise Clinic

As pharmacists for the last 20 years, we have so often been at the end of the line in filling out prescriptions to treat chronic pain.

With our exercise clinic, we have used this experience, working with world class exercise physiologists, to address the root cause of the pain our clients suffer, and help them get moving again, using exercise as part of our holistic approach to treating ongoing medical issues.

Wellness Group Exercise Clinic has several unique, medically integrated exercise programs to help members, and the community, effectively manage chronic health conditions or transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a regular fitness routine.

Wellness Group Exercise Clinic specialises in corrective exercises, manual therapy, exercise physiologist services, nutrition for weight loss and chronic diseases, and wellness solutions for those suffering from medical conditions. No matter what stage of wellness you are at, we always ensure safe, effective and supervised exercise programs.

What Makes Us Different?

Health Consultation With Certified Fitness Professionals

We have qualified university graduates that can help you in your wellness journey regardless where you are at in your wellness journey. We help people from fall prevention, diabetes, hypertension, depression, cancer treatment related side effects to weight loss.

Medicaly Focused Fitness Programs

All medical exercises are designed by accredited exercise physiologist to maximise your health outcome and minimise injury.

Nutritional Education

In conjunction with exercises, we work alongside nutritionist and naturopath to help you even better.

Specialist Oncology Exercise Physiologist

Specialist oncology exercise physiologist that help people in the management of cancer treatment side effects. The right exercise under professional supervision before, during, or after treatment could substantially improve your outcome.

Our Services

Utilising knowledge and techniques based on ancient natural medicine
to treat diseases and enhance general health and wellbeing

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are Allied Health Professionals who specialise in prescribing programs using the benefits of exercise to help maintain all round good health, whether you’re healthy and looking to reach your goals, or looking to find that piece to the puzzle in preventing and managing your medical condition or injuries.

We work closely with your GP and Specialists as part of your Allied Health Team to design the best treatment for you.

Group Exercise

All classes are held at the studio (693a-695 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, 2099)

Duration is 30 minutes with a maximum of 10 per class. All classes are run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.


Abs, Bums and Thighs

Light Touch

Positive Power

Cardio & Core

Get Flexi


Diabetes Group


Group Class Timetable

6:30 am
8:00 am
1:00 pm
6:30 pm
All classes are held at the Exercise Clinic - 693a-695 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, 2099.
Duration is 30 minutes unless stated otherwise.
Group sizes are maximum 6 people – we like to keep it personal and get to know everyone we work with.

Programs we offer

Weightloss to Wellness

Join our popular 12 week weight loss program for one-on-one support and an individually tailored program, to achieve the results you are after. Any barriers to weight loss are identified in your thorough initial consult and a program specifically designed an adjusted to overcome them.

We track your weight loss with our cellular health and body composition analysis to ensure that you are losing body fat, not muscle and water. We create personalised meal plans to suit your tastes and lifestyle. We offer 3 different levels, with different inclusions, to suit your goals and budget. Speak to our Naturopathic Clinic today to find out which program is right for you.

Clinical detoxification

Our 6 week comprehensive program will cleanse, repair and reset your body, starting you on a new path to great health. Your naturopath will provide you with dietary and lifestyle guidelines as well as an individually customised supplement program.

This program includes an initial naturopathic consultation plus 2 follow-up appointments.

Happy Hormones

Suitable for anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances ruling their life. Join our 15 week program to reign them in! This program is kicked off with an initial naturopathic consultation, followed by a 3 week detox program + included supplements.

We then support you over the next 3 months with 3 follow up consults, individualized meal plans and your own specially blended herbal medicine to balance those hormones and get your life back!