Health is defined as “a state of mental, physical and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity,” so whilst we agree with prescription medicine for disease management, we also listen to the wealth of evidence which highlights broader lifestyle factors helping people get the best results. A quick-fix pill isn’t sustainable, which is why we have a created a service to provide an all encompassing care plan. Life is a gift, and the responsibility towards creating a better lifestyle doesn’t stop with a prescription. It’s our job to look after our body – it’s the only one we’ve got – and it’s our mission to educate and help everyone who wants to make a difference to their life. Where are you on your journey? Sometimes our journey is held up or slowed down by factors that we think are outside of our control – pain, disease, illness, old age. We help people realize they can take back the control and feel different every day that they seek a better outcome for themselves.

How are these 3 pillars interlinked?

From a disease point of view we’re not just ‘patching you up’ and sending you on your way. We offer a choice about your how to treat your body and what we can do to support you. Exercise physiology is relatively new in the ongoing treatment and prevention of countless diseases through regular exercise, and naturopathy complements modern medicine by offering alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We provide up-to-date information about the drugs available to treat illness and disease, and we also want to provide an overview of all of the options – from the food you eat, to the tasks you ask of your body.

What is the idea behind employing these 3 pillars under the wellness group?

Helping people in a more holistic way and not just treat the disease state. Disease management is a lifestyle choice. The body needs to be treated properly in order to tackle the causes and give the immediate relief to manage the problem long-term, and so we take a pill or medication prescribed. We have to consider sleep, nutrition/diet, motivation, and our body systems (digestion, nervous, respiratory) to understand the causes and preventative measures. Then the body needs to be moved and worked in order to make it function properly, giving the strength and energy to recover and rejuvenate and repair. It is our belief that all three aspects have equal importance in a person’s life, and will be balanced according to individual need. Research tells us that nutrition and exercise can help delay disease progression, alongside the pills that we take.

WellBEING pharmacy

What is Flavour to Fit?

We can change the flavour of any liquid formulation (E.g. Antibiotic suspensions, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for Children and Anti-histamine’s for Children) to one of our yummy sugar free flavours (or go for a mix~) for only $1.97 • Bubblegum • Chocolate • Marshmallow

How do I subscribe to your Monthly eNewsletter?

Simple speak to one of our staff members, or for our fellow introverts, write down your name and email and subtly pass to one of our staff members.

What is included in your monthly eNewsletter?

Our newletter is a snap shot of the month ahead, including (but not limited to): • Information Seminars • Opening hours for any public holidays • In-store food taste testings • New health food ranges • Services for your wellbeing

Do I need to book in for your Information Seminars?

Yes please! You may do so over the phone or in person at any Wellbeing centre. We will call you to confirm your attendance prior to the Seminar.

What is covered in your monthly Information Seminars?

Topics covered in our Information seminars vary month by month and are normally promoted two weeks prior. Examples include: Detoxification, Fermented Foods, Love your Bones (Osteoporosis), Adolescent Myth-Busters (with our qualified psychologist), Youthing (anti-aging), Healthy Living Shopping Tour and more! We are constantly looking to expanding our services so if there is a topic you’re interested in, please let us know.

What costs are involved with your First Aid Support?

Only the costs of the products used (E.g. Sterile Saline solution to clean the wound, any dressings used)

What kind of First Aid Support do you provide?

Wound dressing and advice for any cuts, scrapes, bruises and anything in between. We can also remove ticks for you following the new guidelines.

How do I know if I’ve run out of prescriptions?

When we supply your last repeat of a medication, we will inform you verbally and place a green sticker on the medication to remind you, stating ‘Last Repeat’.

What are the costs involved with the Webster-Pak service?

For only $5 per week we will oversee packing your medications, organising prescriptions on your behalf, collaborating with your doctor to obtain the best treatment plan and fortnightly home delivery of your packs. We also recommend you purchase a Webster-Pak holder for a once-off cost of $5.


What other services do you offer at the clinic?

Acupuncture, psychotherapy and counselling, kinesiology, iridology, live blood analysis and body composition and cellular health analysis.

What other programs do you offer at the clinic?

We have a Clinical Detoxification Program, Weight loss to Wellness, Emotion Enhancing and a Youthing Program.

Can I claim the cost of my consultation and supplements with my private health fund?

You can claim part of the cost of your consultations for a rebate with your private health fund. We have Hicaps- Claims on the spot, for all participating funds. For other funds (eg. HCF) we present you with a receipt for you to claim with your fund directly. Supplements are not covered by health funds.

How many times do I need to have treatments?

This really is dependent upon your individual presentation, what is causing your pain or tension and how long it has been present. Some clients require one or two sessions, others require more. Relief is usually felt after the first treatment, however subsequent treatments may be needed to provide lasting relief. The Naturopathic prescriptions that your therapist will prescribe (diet, lifestyle and supplemental) reduces the frequency and number of treatments, as they are preventative and address the underlying cause. Of course we also have our clients who relish the ‘me time’ that they receive, and we welcome them to book in as often as they like.

What happens in a consultation?

Consultations are 1 hour duration. You will be asked to complete a form upon arrival. Your therapist will then conduct a short consultation to further discuss in more detail your reasons for seeking treatment, and may seek further clarification on your completed form. During this short consultation your therapist will also use iridology to assess your spine and nervous system. For your treatment you may choose from remedial massage or reflexology. During the treatment or at the conclusion, we will apply a topical muscle relaxing or anti-inflammatory treatment. Your therapist will prescribe diet and lifestyle advice as well as herbal or nutritional supplements to further extend the benefits of the treatment.

How can it help me?

Naturopathic body work therapy is helpful for people with: • Physical pain or discomfort • Muscular tension • Headaches and migraines • Not coping well with daily stresses or anxiety • Sleep issues and insomnia • Digestive disturbances (stemming from stress) • Being too busy and needing to schedule in ‘time out’.

What is Naturopathic Body work therapy?

Our Naturopathic body work sessions firstly involve a short consultation with you about your current health issues and any areas of pain or discomfort. You can then choose from a relaxing or remedial massage or a foot reflexology session to relax and unwind with. During the treatment, your therapist will assess the underlying cause of your discomfort and can recommend some nutritional or herbal remedies to give you improvements that last beyond your bodywork treatment. We use essential oil blends, anti-inflammatory topical treatments or therapeutic magnesium creams to further enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Can children see a naturopath?

Yes we welcome children and see lots of kids with their parents and teens too. Siblings are also welcome to come along with mum or dad and sit in on the consultation- we have some fun toys and activities to amuse them.

Can I claim the cost of my consultation and supplements with Medicare or my private health fund?

You cannot claim Naturopathic services with Medicare but you can claim part of the cost of your consultations for a rebate with your private health fund. We have Hicaps- Claims on the spot, for all participating funds. For other funds (eg. HCF) we present you with a receipt for you to claim with your fund directly.

How much does a consultation cost?

– Initial naturopathic consultations of 60-90minutes are $130 and follow up appointments are charged on a time basis; 30mins $70, 40 mins $80, 60 mins $95. – We also have various programs that involve a series of appointments for a discounted rate. Eg. Clinical Detoxification Program, Weight loss to Wellness, Happy Hormones Program and Emotion Enhancing Program.

WellBEING Exercise clinic

I’d like to use your facilities with my own clients. Can I hire the space?

We are happy to discuss the idea of hiring out the use of the studio space, depending on your needs. Contact makeithappen@wellnessgroup.com.au to discuss your options.

Do you have to train with an EP to work out there?

No. We offer a variety of services including classes with studio access and some people come to see us just because they know our training programs are written by specialists and we provide the best service for monitoring, assessment and meeting personal needs.

Am I too old to start?

Some of our most successful clients are in their 90s and are working to maintain their mobility and independence. It’s never too late to start thinking about your future health. Ask us about the details of what we can do to help.

How old do you have to be to use the exercise clinic?

Anyone can train with one of our EPs one to one, because they are under adult supervision. We work with children with a host of learning and physical needs or chronic conditions. Someone training on their own, just using the facility would need to be 16 or older, and have parental consent if they are under 18.

How can I pay?

We accept Eftpos, Debit Success (direct debit), credit card and cash payments.

Do you offer any discounts (for the elderly)?

Sign up for 12 weeks and get 10% off, 6 months we’ll reward you with 15% and for 12 months we offer a 20% discount. You can also share the cost of an EP by sharing them with 2 other people, which means 1:3 for only $19 per week (see Share an EP for details).

How long do I have to sign up for?

We have no membership fees and there is no obligation. That being said, research shows that it takes at least 8-12 weeks to make real physical changes and after that it’s lifestyle changes which see ongoing results. Many of our clients enjoy discounts for signing up with Debit Success (direct debit) and plenty more get additional savings for committing to 12 weeks, 6 months and 1 year (paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or upfront).

I already belong to a gym, can you still help me?

We are not a gym, but we hope to complement the services you’re already being offered. We’d like to offer you the chance to discuss your training goals, look at where you are and where you’d like to be with statistical evidence and see if there are any gaps that we can help fill. We have no membership fees or monthly contract, so you pay for what you use, and can use us as often as you like. Our mission is to take care of our clients and offer you our expert advice and services.

Where can I park?

There is parking on the road out the front of the exercise clinic at certain times of day, and most of our clients park over by the Warringah council library, a bit further down at the intersection (Pittwater Rd with Howard Ave).

Do you have changing facilities at the exercise clinic?

Yes we do. Both male and female toilets upstairs with a shower, and accessible toilet, changing area and shower downstairs.