About Wellness Clinic

Caring for your wellness by addressing your physical, as well as lifestyle,
emotional and psychological needs.

At Wellness Group we empower you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. We use our integrative medical knowledge to help you in prevention, a mind-body approach to illnesses ranging from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease to neurological conditions or pain.

What Makes Us Different?

Care Deeply

It’s about caring for you deeply. Someone that goes that extra mile to check up on how you are going and how you feel; holding your hand no matter where you are at with your wellness journey. We will put in the extra work needed to research your health conditions more thoroughly to be able to give you the most effective treatment possible. And of course – if needed we give excellent hugs!

Specific Health Conditions Specialists

While our practitioners have experience and success with all health conditions, we have developed specific areas of interest and expertise where we excel. These include, but are not limited too; mental health, adolescent psychology, behavioural disorders, stress, fertility, female hormonal disorders, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, chronic infections, auto-immune disease, weight loss, musculoskeletal injuries and pain, and kidney health.

EVIDENCE-Based Practice

We are constantly building upon our knowledge and staying on top of the latest research. We utilise pathology along with our excellent case taking skills, to determine the cause of your health issues. We then match the underlying issues to the latest evidence based treatment.

Treat the CAUSE of Your Health Issues, Not Just the Symptoms

When given a chance, getting to the root cause of your symptoms is important to us. Identifying and treat the cause of your health issues is priority to us.

Team Approach to YOUR Wellness

Health can be a complicated affair! Sometimes it takes just more than one person to walk along with you and deliver the best care. Hence sometimes a team approach is what is needed to bring about improvement in your health. Our team can work together combining naturopathy, nutrition, exercise physiology, acupuncture, psychology, kinesiology, wellness coaching and hypnotherapy.

We Demand RESULTS for YOU

Our priority is your wellbeing. If our modalities and expertise are not getting results, or is not the best treatment for your health presentation, then we will refer you to another practitioner who can best help you.

Our Services

Utilising knowledge and techniques based on ancient natural medicine
to treat diseases and enhance general health and wellbeing

Natural Children’s Behavioural Solutions

The most successful nutrition program incorporates the WHOLE family. Our nutritionists will assess your individual needs, preferences and lifestyle, then put it all together into a specially formulated nutrition plan for you and your loved ones.

Customised Nutrition

Includes a comprehensive health and diet review, mineral deficiency testing, cellular health and body composition analysis, and a personalized treatment and dietary plan.

Pantry Overhaul and Shopping Tour

The key to real change is honesty and transparency about your current situation, and the knowledge of how to change it. Allow our nutritionists into your home for a pantry overhaul and then they will take you shopping and teach you how to re-stock it!


Help restore the body’s normal function by bringing the body back into balance. In conjunction with needling, we use massage for the best outcomes.

Cosmetic Acupuncture/ Facial Rejuvenation

Effective, non-invasive, natural alternative to cosmetic procedures. It helps improve collagen and elastin production, leaving you with a youthful, healthy glow.

Naturopathic Body Work

To ease tension, stress and pain, your naturopath will pinpoint problem areas by merging iridology, remedial massage and reflexology. Underlying causes are remedied by a naturopathic prescription of supplement, diet and lifestyle advice to further enhance results.


Uses gentle muscle monitoring to assess information about a person’s wellbeing, to find the root cause of any imbalance (mind/body/spirit) and then resolve it.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Provides a safe, validating relationship in which to gain insight, harness and develop strengths, cultivate the coping skills you need to manage difficult emotions, relationships, and life circumstances. While also seeing individuals and couples, Jac Payne specializes in adolescents.


Look into your iris and see your health from another viewpoint.

Cellular Health Analysis

Measure your body fat, muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat, cellular health and metabolic age.

Food Intolerance Test

A clinical evaluation of over 50 common foods using a simple finger prick blood sample.

Wellness Coaching

We educate, encourage and guide clients towards healthy behaviour and support them to take small positive steps in the areas of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, health risk and stress management.

Programs we offer

Weight Loss To Wellness

Join our popular 12 week weight loss program for one-on-one support and an individually tailored program, to achieve the results you are after. Any barriers to weight loss are identified in your thorough initial consult and a program specifically designed an adjusted to overcome them.

We track your weight loss with our cellular health and body composition analysis to ensure that you are losing body fat, not muscle and water. We create personalised meal plans to suit your tastes and lifestyle. We offer 3 different levels, with different inclusions, to suit your goals and budget. Speak to our Naturopathic Clinic today to find out which program is right for you.

Clinical Detoxification

Our 6 week comprehensive program will cleanse, repair and reset your body, starting you on a new path to great health. Your naturopath will provide you with dietary and lifestyle guidelines as well as an individually customised supplement program.

This program includes an initial naturopathic consultation plus 2 follow-up appointments.

Happy Hormones For Women

Suitable for those of us suffering from hormonal imbalances that are ruling our lives. Join our 15-week program to reign them in! This program is kicked off with an initial naturopathic consultation, followed by a 3-week detox program + included supplements.

We then support you over the next three months with three follow up consults, individualized meal plans and your own specially blended herbal medicine to balance those hormones and get your life back!