It is about caring for you deeply

Look after your wellbeing holistically


We work with a team of allied health professionals and your healthcare provider to achive your wellness

Prevention and treatment for your wellness

Empowering you to make health and fitness a reality

Individualised care for your wellness

You and your family come first

Encouraging you to rejuvenate and regain good health

You are unique. So does your health supplement


Its always a great pleasure to walk into such a wonderful, happy and caring environment. The staff are always very supportive.

Jessica Johnson

What some of our clients are saying about us

It is our honour to report that the next Citizen Success Story is none other than our own Lynette Dignam.

Lynette has been with the Wellness group for almost as long as it has been around. In that time Lynette has had a number of setbacks but is now starting to see some wonderful results.

Since on her path to recovery Lynette has lost 12cm from her waist and is now able to run comfortably on the treadmill. In addition she has returned to many of her exercises and continues to improve all the time.

Congratulations Lynette and keep up the great work!

Citizen Success Stories

Great place to exercise, friendly staff – very professional and helpful. All the members are friendly – have fun while you work out!

Karyn Murphy

What some of our clients are saying about us

Wellness Group realise the metabolic needs of the body. Not just the relieving needs of the body. So there is a readiness within this group to keep you fit and strong and immune to illness before it attacks, as well as appropriate soothing treatments when needed. None of us get through life unscathed. Help is always on hand at the Wellbeing Pharmacies and in their Fitness Studio. I especially like their natural approach to health. And believe we will see revolutionary changes to the deep causes of pain and illness as time goes by. The Wellness Group should be your first port of call.

Beverley Stowe

What some of our clients are saying about us

I woke up dragged myself to the studio.
Have left feeling energised, physically and emotionally.
Thanks Michelle for the ripping workout and motivation and thanks Mick for the gentle soothing meditation class!

Veronica Turner

What some of our clients are saying about us

Great vibe and amazing place. Not to miss Winston’s positive energy who runs the entire show. Highly recommended +++++

Dhruv Sahni

What some of our clients are saying about us

Wellness Group have an incredible knack (backed by science) of helping you get in touch with the innate and birth-given health of your body and mind, by gently educating you on how to create more freedom, connection and engagement with your wellness. Watch this space because I truly believe they will transform the way people in Australia view their own vitality, their essence, and as a consequence, their lives…

Cedric Chenefront

What some of our clients are saying about us

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